Is Your Car Safe From Coronavirus? Know The Right Way To Sanitize Your Car

Coronavirus is pushing common individuals towards maintaining hygienic environs around them. From houses to cars, every entity is being kept as clean as possible with the help of sanitizers. Many individuals overlook cars and pay attention only to their homes. As a result, they become the victim of the virus and keep fretting over. Sanitized Cars is a solution to be free from any type of virus.

This article will brief you about the importance of sanitizing the car and what steps one should look while sanitizing a car. So, let’s unfurl the information behind sanitizing cars.

How You Should Sanitize Cars

How You Should Sanitize Cars

Sanitizing a car is a process that requires proper tools to produce a well-hygienic outcome. Tools that are used include brush, alcohol-based sanitizer, rough cloth, and a bit of car freshener. After including all these elements only, will you see the car getting free from the virus. The cleaning should be done thrice a week.

The above-given tools should be used on the inside compartment of the car. But, when you want to clean the outside body, you can use pressurized water and some solution to clean.

What Are The Areas That You Should Focus On In The Car?

Areas You Should Focus In Car

There are many areas that are used by you frequently inside the car and these areas consist of lots of crevices. Due to the tiny size of the crevices, it becomes easy for the germs to settle inside these tiny pockets. In such a situation it becomes easy for the coronavirus to settle in these crevices. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to these tiny spaces.

Moreover, you should pay attention to areas like display screens, cupholders, radio controls, and paddle shifts. When you are buying disinfectant, get a good one, that cleans surface-level bacteria.

What about the seats?

What About Seats

Seats are also among the areas that get mostly infected, so they too should be given extra care. Regular cleaning and sanitization of the seat are essential. If you come across any person who was with you and got affected with coronavirus, then wiping off seats becomes essential.

Cleaning the Steering Wheel

Cleaning The Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of the car gets exposed to a lot of germs and bacteria. The bacteria that settle on the steering wheel are not only from the germs but also from the sweat of a person sitting inside the car. If you want to avoid getting caught by the coronavirus, make sure you clean the steering wheel regularly.

Is it a good idea to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car?

Hand Sanitizer In Car

Well, keeping a hand sanitizer is good but ensure that it is kept in a cool place inside the car. Avoid exposing the hand sanitizer to high temperature, otherwise, it may lead to an explosion due to the presence of alcohol in it.

These were some of the ideas that you should incorporate while sanitizing a car, as it will keep the bacteria and viruses at bay.

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