Is Work From Home Straining Your Eyes? Here Are Simple Tips To Refresh Them

The pandemic has come with many challenges for us. We have been trying to defeat the physical, mental and financial troubles the pandemic has thrown upon us. However, since the lockdown began we all switched to Work From Home culture as it was the need of the hour.

work from home

Initially, we all took the time to adapt to this habit. But finally, we all have made peace sitting at home and working for hours in front of the screen. Our health has suffered majorly due to this shift in work tradition. We hardly move away from the screens which in result has give stressed eyes.

The rays coming out of the screens are not at all good for our eyes. Continuously looking at the laptop might give us swollen, red, and itchy eyes. But you can deal with it by simply adding a few alterations in your working style.

1. Take a break in every 20 minutes


Working continuously without any break might hurt your body and even your eyes. It is better to take short breaks and relax your muscles. In this short break, you can stretch your body, and take an ice pack to relax the nerves of your eyes.

2. Blink Eyes

Blink Eyes

We tend to forget to blink our eyes while we are concentrating on our work. Blinking flushes tears and nutrients in your eyes. It also prevents our eyes from getting dry. Blinking also cleans the surface of our eyes and therefore we should not forget blinking our eyes even while we are working.

3. Don’t Work In Dim Light

Dim Light

Working in dim light can make your eyes stressed and in long term, they might affect your eyesight as well. So even if you are working at night choose a well-lit place to work so that your eyes are not strained. Remember that a table lamp might also harm your eyes as the light is not scattered properly as it focuses too much light on one place.

4. Place Your Work Table Near A Window


If you have a window near your work table it will allow some natural light to penetrate in your room. Working in natural light is much better than working in artificial light. So shifting your work table near a window will allow some fresh air and natural light to come in.

5. Add Greenery Around Your Work Table


The greenery around automatically makes our mind fresh and releases stress. You can keep some indoor small plants on or around your work table that will make you feel fresh. You can add snake plants or some succulents that won’t take more space and are do not require much maintenance.

It is also very necessary to take care of what you are eating in a day. Eat citrus fruits, veggies, and omega-3 rich foods. Increase the nutrient value in your diet that will help in keeping the eyes healthy and stress-free.

Take out time to do light exercises and include eye exercises in your routine if you spend hours in front of the screen.

Meenal Fadnavis
I am a fervor content creator and blogger. My skills specialize in creative writing and editing. I am a very keen observer and a passionate learner.

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