Is there any connection between Dogs and Pandavas? What happens when Dogs die?  

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    Is there any connection between Dogs and Pandavas? What happens when Dogs die?  .As we all know that Death is one of the saddest and most bitter truths for the pet lovers and also for the humans it is a reality check.

    Over several years, a question has been raised that what happens to pets when they die and pass into spirits?

    We could answer this question in a very easy way by saying that animals are spirits only, just as we humans are. They are born, they live, they die as the holy truth, and they come back and again. In spirit, They also experience the same type of growth which we humans do. The only difference is their lifespan which is smaller as compared to the humans.

    According to the Bible when Adam and Eve rebelled against the God, a curse felled not just on humans, but also on all creation. Because of this, death comes for all of us- whether it’s human or animals.

    Followership in the home happens as we live together and also as we burry the dogs together. Some of the parents want their child not to discuss the matter of death, but we don’t want that. We tell our kids that death exists with its bitter truth. All of us will die, even our lovely pets are not excused from it.

    What actually happens according to a mythology-?

    Is Karma involved in here too? In order to achieve heaven, just as we humans acknowledge to have?


    Connection with Pandavas!

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     Pandavas had a pet dog. Yes, we have a reference of Mahabharata in which Pandavas had a dog with themselves. That Dog was featured two times- once when the Pandavas were going through their training in the Gurukul under Guru Dronacharya. And the second was when the end of the epic was there.

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    Who said not to enter without Dog?

    Yudhishthira, yes it is mentioned that he refused to enter the heaven if the entry of their dog was prohibited in the heaven. He argued that the dog has served them in their entire lifespan and therefore, that dog also deserves equal treatment after his death just as we are treated after our deaths.