Many iPhone apps record screen activity without user’s permission


In addition to yet another violation of users’ privacy and device security, many iPhone apps have been discovered which are recording the device screen in a secret way, keeping an eye on every swipe and tap, all without the knowledge of user.

These apps, some from the bigger companies like Air Canada, Hollister, and Expedia, are also monetizing the data derived from snooping.

As per latest technology reports, iPhone apps from hoteliers, travel sites, airlines, cell phone carriers, banks and financiers don’t ask or make it fair for the users that the apps are collecting the data in this manner.

Some of these apps make use of embedded analytics, allowing developers to also record the screen and screenshot every tap, button push, and keyboard entry to see how a user interacted with the app and if anything didn’t work properly or had an error.

Whilst the session replays means to hide some fields from the data captured, some failed to do so, highlight important information such as passport numbers and credit card data from recorded sessions.

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