IOT device fitbit saves a woman life! Know about it


Today Fitbit saves a woman life; this is because Fitbit notifying her that her heart rate is rising has noticed that her Fitbit data is abnormally kept on rising and it shows that her heart rate beating at the speed of140 beats per minute.

Patricia Lauder a 73-year-old woman from Connecticut has noticed that her fitbit data is abnormally kept on rising and it shows that her heart rate beating at the speed of140 beats per minute.  She immediately visits the to doctor.

When she visit hospital, after scanning it was revealed that blood clots were there in her both lungs. This forces her heart to beat fast in order to compensate for oxygen levels.


Same case in the last year, an old man of 42 years also visits to the hospital after watching his fitbit charge data and take the treatment immediately. The fitbit data has displayed the exact heart rate that helped the old man a lot in his treatment.

It is a very proven IOT device and is praised by all. IOT service is making excellent tracking devices.

Really fitbit is another data source that alert not only you but also the doctors that might not be noticed by anyone else. This wearable is extremely useful.

Thanks to IOT service as fitbit tracker is the evident sign of IOT service. You may know very well about fitbit tracker, it is extremely useful more than just maximizing health benefits. Fitbit is saving so many people lives.


IOT (internet of things is also described as a huge collection of connected sensors; however it is a more complex concept. These IOT devices are getting more and more popular. IOT has made so many wearable devices that are excellent.

These days’ wearable devices are a hot topic, these are very helpful for people to keep them healthy and take care of their health.

Let’s know a bit more about IOT service:

IOT is going to be the big technology revolution; it is turning everyday objects into a tracking device.  It is such a complicated as it sounds like. It is simply internet connected gadgets that able to collect data from weather and also the quality and length you sleep.

Other IOT device:

Helmet concussion sensor:

Shockbox is a kind of sensor that attaches with the helmet to make it protective and it even uses accelerometers in order to measure the effect of your head impact. This detail is send to the phone of a coach or parent through Bluetooth that allows them to build critical decisions.

Smart garage controller:

Can you imagine that now you can open your garage door with your smartphone. The best part is that if by chance you leave the door open, it will alert you.

Have you take a trial of these cool IOT devices? Grab IOt gadgets not only take care of your health but also make your daily tasks much easier. If you have any one IOPT gadget must share about it.