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Priya Prakash varrier is a Malayalam actress who has become the viral internet sensation these days after she winked in a video. The video is of her upcoming film “Oru Adaar Love” that went insanely viral just because of her winked eye.

If you have opened your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you would mainly cross memes about Her. In the memes, she is seen blinking eye and collage of that scene well the image is taken from the song video named Adaar Love.

Many have also said that she has become the national crush and gain over 600k more followers in just one day. Social media is flooded with her cute memes we have here some of the coolest memes about her check below:









However, the vital actress on internet Priya Warrier thanked all of her fans for the success of her song and 600k + followers and also said “ That the wink was not planned it was spontaneous and never thought that this video would become such viral.

She Tweeted

In an interview with NDTV she also said, “ “Actually, the director wanted to capture something cute between my hero and me. So he told me if I can do the eyebrow thing and wink at him. I told him that I could give it a try. That’s how it worked out. It was spontaneous, and we hadn’t planned anything.”

Her New Video

The release date of Priya Varrier film Oru Adaar Love has not announced yet. By that time she is busy in her photo shoots and also walked a ramp on various occasions.