Internet Archive team starts saving Google+ content before doom

Google plus

As per the latest technology updates, Google+ is shutting down in April and with that, the company will also start erasing the data from the social network.

Before the data gets removed forever, the Internet Archive and the Archive Team are working to preserve the public posts.

As per the latest technology news, the sites announced that they are undergoing the process of archiving the post using scripts to capture and back up the data in an effort to protect it.

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The effort will be to secure only those posts which are currently available to the public. Threads will not be preserved beyond 500 comments. Images and videos will not be preserved at full resolution.

If you’ve posted content that you don’t want to preserve, then it is recommended that you delete your account.

Google has announced to close its social network service earlier this year after finding out the security breaches. In February, Google disabled the ability to add new profile pages and communities. Consumer data will be deleted on April 2, 2019.