International Women’s Day- Its Time To Look At The Most Pioneer Women Of Indian Cinema Who Inspire Us


    International Women’s Day is Today . On this occasion, we are here telling you today about the women of Bollywood who changed the face and the meaning of the cinema on their own. No lesson of cinema can never be completed without whose name!

    Even in Bollywood, there is always a male domination in the same way as society, but there have been some such heroines who have pulled out a new streak and realized their presence.

    Devika Rani is the first woman to become an actress after studying cinema. Devika Rani and her husband Himanshu Rai together had established the prestigious Bombay Talkies Studio, which is one of India’s first film studios.

    Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, have worked with Bombay Talkies. The production of very popular films like ‘Untouchable Kanya’, ‘Kismat’, ‘Shaheed’, ‘Mela’ were there. Devika Rani’s studio was split after husband’s demise and Filmistan was born. However, before that, Devika Rani had done a way to make a way for heroines in films, hence her name will always be taken with respect!


    The effect of Nargis is also very deep on Hindi cinema. He had made a bigger live life image from his portrayal and his films like ‘Mother India’ are still an example.


    Nutan’s name will also be taken with great respect in Indian cinema’s all-time actresses. She is an example of a simple and powerful act through hundreds of films including ‘Bandini’, ‘Sujata’, ‘Border’.


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    Star actress Rekha has also had a golden time in her own. Sometimes the films went on in their name and on their own. He had started a very successful water from an early age and, of course, the history of Bollywood actresses would not be complete without the line.

    Credit:Deccan Chronicle

    Sridevi’s charisma will also be remembered forever. Shree, who works in more than three hundred films, will always be remembered as one of the best actresses! A full round of cinema has been his name!

    This list is incomplete without joining the Dream Girl Hema Malini in this list. He created a new world on his big screen with his acting and charisma.


    Talking about the decade of 90s, Dhakdhak Girl Madhuri Dixit is the only actress who has a mass appeal.