International Dog Day: 5 Science-Backed Reasons To Get A Dog

Even though dogs have been the oldest domesticated animals, not everyone likes them. Some simply find them annoying while others find petting a burden. But having a pet companion, especially a dog, can be the best decision ever. And there’s not just one, but 100 reasons to get a dog.

On this International Dog Day, we have brought all science-backed reasons and benefits of having a pet dog. Before that, let us introduce this global event.

Who Is The Founder Of International Dog Day?

international dog day

You might be thinking who came up with the idea of celebrating dog day, it’s Colleen Paige. He highlighted the most overlooked issue-poor conditions of stray animals. The world has the largest population, around 200 million globally, of such animals especially dogs, and nobody cares.

International dog day was founded to bring people’s attention to street dogs that are abused, killed, and overlooked. Colleen Paige, the animal rescue advocate, makes the world aware of their poor conditions and encourages millions to adopt a dog rather than buying.

The day was first celebrated in 2004 on 26th August and so far more than 3 million dogs have been rescued and adopted. Dogs have been the men’s best friends since their existence and saying No to them is almost impossible.

But if you still need some solid reasons to get a dog, read our next section for more info.

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5 Scientific Reasons To Get A Dog

#1. They Are An Escape From Loneliness

reasons to get a dog

Human-Animal Bond Research Institute of the U.S studies the relationship between animals and humans to figure out their impact on life. In their national survey, they have found that that having pet has better interaction and they feel less lonely.

#2. They Are Stress-Busters

dog international day

Dogs are the best therapist even though they don’t have a degree because they don’t need one. These furry companions know the remedies to cut out stress in your life without any medication.

Now, scientists of Washington state university have also confirmed this. Their study says, spending time with dogs reduces cortisol (stress hormone) in humans.

#3. They Help In Socializing

international day of the dog

If you’re thinking, who needs a friend when you have a pet dog, you are completely wrong. Even though dogs help you survive in difficult times, they also teach you to strengthen your relationship with others.

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The way you care, give them personal space, and love them unconditionally; all have a positive impact on your personal life. As a result, your communication, ability to deal with others, and conflict resolution skills improve.

#4. They Improve Cognitive Functionality

scientific reasons to get a dog

Not just kids and adults, dogs are good for seniors as well. There are several studies on the benefits of having a dog for seniors that say a pet helps in improving their cognitive ability. In other words, they help them with long-term mental health issues such as dementia.

#5. They Make You Fit

reasons to get a dog

One of the best reasons why you should get a dog is to get fit. If you are a lazy guy who wants to be active and improve his/her health but doesn’t feel like going to the gym, get a dog now. A Labrador retriever will make you run miles after them as they are more energetic and friendly. You will love to play with them every day.

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So, what are you waiting for, there are hundreds of cute furry dogs waiting to get adopted. Pick your best friend for life today on the international day of the dog.

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