Happy Independence Day: 8 Interesting Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Day

August 15, 1947, is a day etched deeper in every Indian’s heart and mind. The day reminds us sacrifices of all famous and even unknown freedom fighters who dedicated each second of their life to set the country free from slavery. And no matter how much we read, some interesting facts about Independence Day are always left unheard.

We have compiled all those short, lesser-known, and surprising facts about this day. Have a look below.

Rare And Interesting Facts About Independence Day

1. No National Anthem Was Sung That Day

interesting facts about independence day

No national event is complete without ‘ Jana Gana Mana’ but did you know on 15th August 1947, the country didn’t sing the National Anthem. After 3 years, the country adopted the Bengali song composed by Rabindranath Tagore as the national anthem.

2. The Date Didn’t Come Out Of Blue

interesting facts about independence day

Do you know why the 15th day of August was chosen as the historic day? Well, it was strategically proposed by Lord Mountbatten. Two years ago on this day, Japan surrendered to the Allies during WWII and thus the day was marked to celebrate its 2nd anniversary.

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3. Hindi Was Not Official Language Then


With freedom did not come to the freedom to use Hindi as an official language. It became the national language of India in 1950 and was mentioned under Article 343 of the Constitution.

4. Baapu Did Not Celebrate The Independence Day

interesting facts about independence day

Mahatma Gandhi, a name that comes as a synonym to India’s independence, was not present when his dreams were turning into reality. Yes, that was true. He was in Bengal to resolve the Hindi-Muslim riots on that day.

5. India Is Not The Only Country To Celebrate Independence This Day

independence day india

Very few know that we got freedom along with five more countries in the world. These are Liechtenstein, Bahrain, Republic of Congo, N. Korea, and S. Korea

6. National Flag Was Adopted 24 Days Before Independence

independence day facts and history

Though India got the National Flag in 1906, we officially adopted it on 22nd July 1947. The previous version of the flag consists of red, yellow, and green stripes. The bottom strip was red with sun and moon symbols at the corner.

The middle strip, yellow, had Vande Matram written over it and the top was of green color with 8 white lotuses.

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7. Goa Was Not India’s Part Then

independence day facts

The most beautiful part of the country was not even a state then. It was under the Portuguese colony and later included as an Indian state in 1961.

8. There’s Only One Manufacturer Of National Flag Till Now

national flag manufacturer

Do you know who makes the national flag of India? It’s Khadi Development and Village Industries Commission. The Karnataka-based manufacturers are the only ones to receive the honor of making the country’s flag. No other company has got a license till now.

It makes flags as per the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

How many of these interesting facts about Independence Day were known to you? Share the knowledge with your friends.

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