An autorickshaw driver in Mumbai is fighting a unique fight for his daughter and wife. In fact, due to lack of toilets in the village, his wife left the house along with her daughter, after which the auto driver has decided that she will continue to build toilets in the village, even if it does not have to take a loan from the bank for this. Recently, there was a film named ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ in which Akshay Kumar had struggled to make a toiletin the village.

Autorickshaw driver said on the Facebook page called ‘Humans of Bombay’ that I know that this is a small dream, but it is now everything for me. The way the auto driver told about his dream, he will surely melt the heart of anyone. His wife and daughter have left the village due to lack of basic amenities and toilets.

The auto driver said that when I came to know that my wife and daughter could get poisoned at night because I do not see anyone at that time, I was quite upset thinking that. In order to deal with this problem, he has decided to apply for a bank loan to build toilets in his village. He said that his goal is to provide clean toilets for his wife and daughters. This post on Facebook is becoming quite viral.