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Indonesian Sky Turns Blood Red Due To Forest Fire

We recently witnessed the burning down of the Amazon Forests. The effects are going to be horrific as the climate will undergo some drastic changes due to this loss. People are creating awareness about deforestation and how it is affecting our ecosystem.

Amazon Fire
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Another incident took place in the Indonesian island of Sumatra where some farmers set the forest on fire for agricultural purpose. As a result, the sky turned blood red causing respiratory problems, flight cancellations and health infections.

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BBC reports that this slash and burn technique is illegal in this area. Around 328,724 hectares of land was cleared using this method in 2019.

The village Muaro Jambi was  covered with a scary red sky due to this forest fires. According to The Guardian, the clearing of land has been done to plant the oil palm, pulp and bamboo plantations. The clearing of land by this burning process raised air pollution to an alarming level.

Forest Fire in Jambi
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Meteorologist named Nate Byrne in a conversation with ABC News told the phenomenon to be Mie Scattering

“Light from the sun gets scattered when it hits molecules or small particles in the atmosphere. Because smoke is made up of tiny particles, much more scattering occurs than would happen in clear air, so the red light becomes more intense.”

This incident has left the neighbouring countries Malaysia and Singapore also terrified. People are posting pictures and videos on Twitter.

People have also urged Indonesian President Joko Widodo to look into the matter.

Hoping and praying for Jambi that the concerned authorities look into this matter before it’s too late.

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