Indian Railways To Provide Foot And Head Massages In Trains


Indian Railways will provide foot and head massage for the passengers onboard. As per the PTI report, 39 trains will have this facility.

Railways will hire Male masseurs for this project and individual identity cards will be provided to them. ANI DRM Ratlam division quoted:

“We have already awarded tenders. Initially, we will have only masseurs and based on the success of the project, we will introduce masseuses.”

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Foot massage
Via: Waring Massage Spa
  1. Massage service will be given from 6 AM  – 10 PM.
  2. The service is likely to start from 15-20 days.
  3. 39 Luxury trains including Malwa Express, Humsafar Express, Mahamana Express and Shipra Express will have access to this facility.
  4. 3-5 masseurs will be travelling on each train for this service.
  5. The services are being provided for the tired passengers and senior citizens.

The number of masseurs can, however, increase after looking at the performance and profits.