Indian Government To Take Criminal Action Against Facebook And Twitter

Users may not be able to use Facebook and Twitter from tomorrow as the companies have not yet complied with the new social media rules of India. The popular social media giants have sought three months’ time to work on the Social Media Intermediary Rules 2021.

The deadlines end today as the new rules set by the Government of India to regulate the digital content on social media will come into effect from 26th May.

Read further to know about the new guidelines and responses from Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

What Are The New Social Media Rules?

Each Social Media Company Should Have 3 Member Committee 

social media rules

Each social media site should have 3 Indian officers ( A nodal officer, A chief compliance officer, and a resident grievance officer). Their contact details should be displayed on the official web pages of these sites.

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Guidelines For Curbing Cybercrime

new social media rules

There should be a proper arrangement to lodge any complaint regarding cybercrime. Officers should give proper responses to the complaints within 24 hours and take necessary actions within 15 days. If there is no action taken then officials should state the reason behind it.

A Proper Monthly Report

new social media rules

A monthly report should be published regarding the complaints, the action taken against them, content removal, and other actions by social media officials.

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A Dedicated System To Identify Inappropriate Content


The new social media rules also say that there should be an automated system to identify any cybercrime and inappropriate content against teenagers and women.

Guidelines For Content Removal


In case of removal of any content from the social media apps and sites, prior information and reason behind removal should be given. The content creator should also be given a chance to appeal in case of any dispute.

Disobeying the new social media rules will put such companies in trouble. The Indian Government may take criminal action against them. Also, they may lose the status, legal immunity, and freedom of operation within the country.

Only Koo has complied with the rules yet but no firm response has been received from the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

However, a spokesperson from Facebook in a statement assured that the company will comply with provisions. It is already working in progress and seeking for more time period. On the other hand, Whatsapp is already under the radar of the Government for its controversial privacy policy.

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