India supports BRICS cooperation on counter-terrorism


During the first BRICS Sherpa meeting organized here on 14 and 15 March, India extended support for the priority areas set by Brazil, especially BRICS cooperation on counter-terrorism.

For the meeting organized under the Presidency of Brazil, the Indian delegation was led by the Secretary (ER), TS Tirumurthy.

An official statement says, “Brazil has identified countering terrorism as one of its priority areas for BRICS under its presidency. Brazil’s priorities for its Presidency includes inter-alia science, technology, and innovation, digital economy, New Development Bank and BRICS Business Council as well as countering transnational crime and terrorism.”

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A statement says, “India also underlined the need to take forward inter-alia people-to-people cooperation, cooperation in science and technology and innovation, and also in health and traditional medicine.”

India gave its support for priority areas, especially taking forward BRICS cooperation on counter-terrorism in a meaningful and detailed manner with BRICS member countries.

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As per the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), BRICS brings together five major developing economies – Brazil, Russia, India, Chi, a and South Africa – which comprise 43 percent of the world’s population, in which 37 percent of world GDP, Gross Domestic Product and 17 percent of share in the world trade.

One of the founder-nations of the association is India.