Android bug let the hackers to spy on you over five years

android bug

Android bug fixes: As per the latest technology news, A high severity bug went unnoticed and undetected and had been affecting Android devices 2013.

As per the latest technology updates, the bug, found by mobile security researcher Sergey Toshin, could have allowed hackers to boost access to user accounts and spy on them.

The bug began in Chromium, Google’s open-source project that highlights Chrome and other browsers. As a result, this put to risk mobile Chrome users along with users of other browsers made on Chromium.

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Hackers could use WebView, Chromium’s feature to gain user data and gain wider device access.

The bug went unknown for more than five years, even then, the solution to this problem has been issued only for newer phones.

Android 7 users or the later versions of Android will receive the fix through Google Chrome Updates, while those running Android 5 or 6 will need to go through a special update via Google Play Store.

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