ICC Scraps Off Absurd Rule Which Led To England’s Victory In World Cup Finals!

Remember the cringe-worthy feeling in the final moments of World Cup finals when England was given ( not won ) the Cup for hitting more boundaries?

Let me walk you back your memory lanes. After a tie, both the teams somehow managed to score the same even in the Super Over, taking the excitement of the game to next level altogether! 

World Cup finals
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Little did we know at that time that the WorldCup would be practically gifted to a particular team because of a highly absurd rule.

The team which hit the most number of boundaries will win the match, resulting in England taking away the Cup and breaking all our hearts.

World Cup finals
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*Wipes Tears* Anyway, the good news is, ICC has finally realised they were big fools to have been running the weird rule, so they’ve decided to scrap it off.

Now, the Super Over will continue until one of the teams scores more than the other.

Even the group games will have a Super Over ( previously applied only in knockout stages ) and if tied in Super Over then the match will be declared draw.

According to ICC:

“Super Over is an exciting and engaging conclusion to the game and will remain in place covering all games at both ODI and T20I World Cups.”

Although, ‘Kaleje Ko Thandak Toh Nahi Pahuchi’, but at least there will be no more New Zealands in the game!

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