“I Knew That Irfan And Rishi Will Go”, Kamaal Khan Aka Krk Sparks Controversy

As we know, 2020 brought negativity with it, but today morning is one of the ugliest days of 2020 because of Rishi Kapoor’s demise. Today he has left us after losing the long battle with leukemia. However, with the actor’s death, one thing is also hurting that is self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan’s (KRK) bitter tweet on the illness of our Chintu.

In a tweet, KRK had told Rishi Kapoor not to die as the wine shops and bars are about to open earlier. He tweeted this reply to the late Rishi’s tweet during lockdown that requested the government to open wine shops because illegal selling of alcohol was happening anyway behind the government’s back. But now KRK deletes his offensive tweet.

While that tweet is not the first offensive tweet, in another tweet Khan wrote beginning that the Covid-19 pandemic cannot over without taking the popular personalities’ lives.

KRK, today morning tweet,

“Just on a serious note, I said a few days ago that #Corona can’t go back without taking a few famous people. I didn’t write names at that time because ppl could have abused me. But I knew that Irfan and Rishi will go. And I know, who is the next one also.”

Lets Looks At Both Tweets Below:

After a few minutes of his offensive tweets, people angry on him for his inappropriate and weird remarks on famous late personalities, Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. Along with this, #SuspendKRK has been trending on twitter with people requesting Twitter to suspend his account. Moreover, people are also urging the Mumbai Police to take strong action.

Here Are Some Tweets:

KRK has not stopped there. He has tweeted some other inappropriate and cheap statements, even on Divya Bharti.

Read another post of KRK,

“I don’t care if you people don’t want to hear the truth. Still, I won’t lie to make you happy. So pls like it, if you want me to leave #Twitter and RT if you don’t want me to leave it.”

Read his recent tweet,

“I will die in 2022, So I am not the next one. But one of my friend is next one. This #CoronaVirus will be remembered for next 100 years to take away such legends. RIP in advance Dost.”

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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