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Hyundai Mufasa: Will The Model Be Launched In India?

Hyundai has introduced a new SUV known as Mufasa Adventure in China. The SUV features a compact and rugged design having off-road abilities because of various added accessories. 

The carmaker plans to reveal the production model of that very SUV at the time of the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show in April, with an introduction in the Chinese market in June 2023. 

The Exteriors Of Hyundai Mufasa

Hyundai Mufasa

The exterior can be pointed out with a lift kit and a set of broad, grippy off-road tires attached to custom-built 18-inch alloy wheels. It is also comprised of the Hyundai Mufasa Adventure concept SUV tracks. 

The bumpers of the SUVs are pointed up having faux aluminum skid plates, at the same time the mounting points are visible, a typical pattern on the side sills, hood handles, a rear window insert identical to the Defender, and a futuristic roof entirely integrated with LEDs all add to the vehicle’s unique appearance. 

Identical to the Tuscon and Creta variants sold over the world, the Hyundai Mufasa Adventure concept SUV features a substantial grille painted in glossy black.

The back is fitted with an oval-shaped taillight unit which looks similar to the one found on the Hyundai Santa Fe model sold in China. 

The Dimensions Of The Car

Hyundai Mufasa

Having a length of 4,475 mm, a width of 1,850 mm, and a height of up to 1,685 mm, the new Hyundai Mufasa Adventure concept SUV has an influencing look, impacting its rugged character.

The dimensions of the SUV are identical to the flagship Tucson model, and it is a two-row-five-seater car that is set to take the place of Hyundai’s famous ix35 model in the market of China. 

At present, Hyundai has not given any detail regarding the interior of the Mufasa SUV. Although, it is anticipated that the SUV will possess a dual touchscreen display that works as the instrument cluster and infotainment system. 

Hyundai Mufasa

More information regarding the interior is anticipated to be publicized at the time of the official revealing of the production model at the Shanghai Auto Show next month.

The futuristic production model of the Hyundai Mufasa SUV is anticipated to be filled with a 2.0-liter petrol engine producing 158 horsepower. 

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It is also anticipated to have a hybrid model possessing a 48-volt electric motor.

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