Seriously a women safety i  India now become one of the most prime issue that is need to be solved as soon as possible. Without any single day we are listening to rape news in all over the country, not a single day we have heard that the girl is safe now. But day by day we are only listing to crimes.

It seems rapists have no fear about the laws. Recently a girl get raped by four men in Bhopal, a drunk man raped a woman and also a four group of  men raped a women in front of her husband.


They should not be called men they are dogs and pigs that should be cleaned from the country.

This time a girl again raped by a men but not on roads , inside cinema while watching Padmaavat.

The shocking part is that the boy and girl was just facebook friend. Hat happen to the world what happened to the security of cinema hall? Even the girl is not safe in a cinema hall.

Know the whole story:

Credit: wisegeek

The girl went to watch Padmaavat with her fb friend named kandakatla Bikshapathi two months ago.Both of them decided to catch outside so they plan to watch movie padmaavat. There on Theatre Boy raped her. This incident happened last Monday and the boy has been arrested by police.

Genetical part of the boy get injured

Boy’s genetical part get injured during the rape process. The police said” “The accused took advantage of the fact that there were few people in the theatre and nobody was sitting close to them.” The police also took a strict action against the theater owner for the negligence.

Misuse of Social media:


Social media is a great place to meet the new people and make friends but in recent years people are misusing it. Moreover, they have escalated the cyber crimes and these kinds of crimes. Hence, people should not trust anyone blindly and seriously we should not meet any Facebook friend unless we know that friend personally. How can you meet without knowing much about them?

This also raises the question in my mind , is there any place where a girl is safe?