Angelica Kenova, the 26-year-old model of Russia, is so beautiful that she is imprisoned at home. Yes, Angelica’s parents did not let her leave the house because she looks like Barbie doll. She is so beautiful that people stare at her whenever she moves out of the house. Angelica told these things in an interview.

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Angelica told that people definitely think that I am kept in captivity in a way, but this would be wrong. In fact, my parents cared more about me.


Yes, it is definitely that they do not let me go alone, nor do I have permission to make a boyfriend. In such a way, like a dollar, I do not have much experience about the external world.

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No Plastic Surgery:

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Angelica tells that people see their bodies saying she has done plastic surgery, but this is not true. She has not done any surgery till date.

The only mother does shopping for her:

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Angelica is 26 years old, but still shopping for her clothes is done by her mother. She said that all her clothes look like barbie doll clothes.