Poor Emotional Health Leads To Forever Mental Illness, Learn Tips To Manage Emotions Here

Is Emotional health different from mental health? Yes, understand this as the “Mind is an ocean, and emotions are short waves that can turn into storms within seconds.” In other words, if you don’t take care of your emotions, then it can kill your peace of mind. And almost all of us are facing this as the pandemic is at its peak.

Our emotions are stronger and deeper than before making us anxious, panic, and even depressed. If emotional health not taken care of, it could turn into a forever mental illness.

Therefore it is crucial to take care of this third aspect of health. Read further to know more about what is emotional health and few useful tips to manage emotions.

What Is Emotional Health?

tips to manage emotions

How we feel about something constitutes our emotional well-being. You can feel happy or sad depending on the situation. These feelings stay for a while us until the event end. But, in the case of serious situations like death, it is not easy to erase those emotions.

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Of course, time heals, but when those triggers keep hitting you again and again it becomes difficult to manage these emotions. This is when your emotional health gets severely affected. And the continuous cycle of these negative emotions affects your brain and behavior.

Emotional VS Mental Health

emotional health

Although the brain controls our emotions as there is a dedicated part for each one, the opposite is also true. Any particular event or person can act as a trigger and affect your cognitive abilities that include processing of information, focusing, memorizing, or solving and decision-making abilities.

It set your brain in a high stress-response state making you feel anxious, sad, and unhappy. In other words, negative emotions take over your brain and put you in an endless cycle of negativity. As a result, your memory degrades, and your behavior changes. It can go to any extent making you depressed which if continues longer can give rise to serious mental disorders.

And when the pandemic is putting us again and again in those situations, the risk is more especially for introverts or those who are unaware of their emotions. They may cut themselves from others or may opt for self-harm or substance use to ease those feelings.

Lockdown and less socialization are making the situations worse even for those good at managing emotions. Ultimately, it hurts mental health so follow these positive tips to manage emotions and improve overall well-being.

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5 Tips To Manage Emotions

1. Let It Flow

emotional health

Let your emotions flow, whether positive or negative, don’t stick to it. Because the more you try to repress it, the stronger it would be and harder to control.

2. Keep A Check On Your Mood

tips to manage emotions

Even though the first way is to do not hold your emotions tightly, but keeping a check on your mood is necessary. Notice what makes you feel bad or angry or happy because when you know about the triggers, it would be better to manage them.

And if you often feel low or sad, take the help of these top 5 happiness apps. 

3. Accept Them

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Denial is not the right way to handle negative emotions. You have to accept them otherwise one day it will burst out with a small trigger and can harm you and your relations as well. Involving too much into relations also hurts thus setting relationship boundaries is essential so that none o you get hurt due to temporary emotions.

4. Practice Deep Breathing

tips to manage emotions

It does double benefit to you, improves your lungs and emotional health. Take a deep breath whenever you are angry or feeling low. Deep breathing along with positive statements like “I am calm” will definitely work.

It also fills your lung and brain with fresh oxygen releasing feel-good hormones.

5. Take A Break

tips to manage emotions

Distraction is necessary sometimes to prevent the intense feeling. Take a walk or call your friends, or watch something funny, do whatever works for you.

Besides these tips to manage emotions, work on meditation, sleep well, and consult a therapist for better control over your negative emotions.

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