How to make  intimate “ Game of Thrones” scenes less awkward while having a company?

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Those who have watched or watching the “ Game of throne” series are dealing with this issue for a long time.The series is all about dirty politics and yes how we can forget a lot of “sex” which has been the main part of it.

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However, many of you have gone through awkward situation when the actors star making out and you have a company with you. So, we have bought some tips that will save you from this awkward situations.

The death Deflect

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When actors start rolling on each other then there is one way to get out of this award situation and that is to think about those characters who are dead now. Ask your brother to think about his favourite death scene.

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You should like “ hey this is my favourite death scene what’s your?

Take some supper break

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When you are watching this love fantasy with your mom when suddenly a stars start making out. Well, just ask your mom to make milk shake or any other recipe that she can prepare quickly.

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You know what, she will never say no to you in that awkward situation plus you will get a tasty dish to eat between your show.

Bring down the volume…watch the make out scene silently

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This one is really going to help as just decrease the volume and start talking with your company. When you don’t heard the makeout voice then you can continue your short sweet talk and raise it again when the actors finished their business.

Change the channel

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Well, this one is the easiest one as you don’t have to think about any trick. Just change the channel for a while and this awkward problem will solve easily.

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Also, you can even view your other favourite shows in between  of it however if you all the unseen sex scenes then don’t worry. Just watch it on youtube. It is that simple right?

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