How To Keep The Best Care Of Your Mouth During Lockdown?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, individuals are missing their important medical appointments. As there is a trend of social distancing, very few people attend medical appointments. But sometimes missing these meetings may cost you something undesirable. Therefore, it becomes important to do a bit for your health from your side.

Generally, it happens that individuals are not able to maintain good oral health, because of the unavailability of dentists. However, you don’t have to worry. In this article, you will get to know about interesting tips, through which you can maintain your oral health. So, let’s have a look at these tips.

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Brushing teeth properly

Cleaning teeth

When you brush your teeth, make sure you do this activity twice a day. For 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes before going to sleep. Use a brush having a flexible handle. Also, use cream type toothpaste. While brushing, use stroked upward and backwards for upper and lower teeth. Ensure that you target 3 teeth’s at a time.

Avoid self-medication

Avoid self medication

It is often seen that individuals use mouthwash for oral care by their own. As a result of this, they get some other complications in their teeth or you can get chemical burns. It is therefore advised to take the help of Doctor, before using any mouthwash.

Avoid using toothpick

Avoid Toothpick

If you feel that some food has got stucked between your teeth, never use toothpicks and safety pins to remove it. Instead, use dental floss and interdental brushes. It will easily remove the food from your teeth.

Do not forget to clean the tongue

Clean Tongue

It is equally important to keep your tongue clean as you keep your teeth. When you clean your tongue, you can avoid bad breath. It is advisable to clean your tongue daily. To clean the tongue, you can use a toothbrush. These days, most of the brush has small dots for cleaning the tongue.

Contact Doctor if suffering from ulcers

Ulcer treatment

Whenever you are suffering from any internal injuries of teeth like ulcers or gum-bleeding, it is good to take medical advice. In these critical conditions, one shouldn’t go for self-medication.

Keep your toothbrush at a safe place

Keeping toothbrush at safe place

According to the doctor, it is good if you keep your toothbrush at a distance of six feet from the toilet. Also, make sure that lizards and insects shouldn’t hover around the toothbrush. In addition to it, wash your toothbrush with lukewarm water.

During the lockdown, follow the above tips to take your oral care to new heights.

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