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How to Identify and Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever experienced that some of your thoughts are limiting you from doing something? Like you continuously try to change some of your habits but can’t do it.

Just try to recall if you also have any habit that you are trying to change. You adamantly plan every essential bit to reach your goal of quitting or changing that habit. But in the end, you explain yourself so well giving some or other excuse. And even after realizing that the excuse was unworthy to accept, you convince yourself.

If yes, you must identify your limiting belief and overcome it as early as possible!

What are limiting beliefs?

Every individual has his own experiences both good and bad in his life. Depending upon various factors like upbringing and self-learning from experiences, beliefs vary. As every person assigns emotions to situations, persons and past experiences differently everyone’s beliefs are different.

I will try to give an easy example:

For a person who is insect phobic, insects will always lead to feeling stressed and fearful. Subconsciously, they might realize that it won’t come close but the uncertainty will dominate the fact. On the other hand, if a person is an entomologist (one who studies insects), insects will not scare him. The behavior varies because of personal experiences. An entomologist spends time studying insects. As a result, his impulses toward insects are different from anyone else.

Examples of limiting beliefs?

You are planning and motivated to adopt a healthy routine or diet. In fact then and there you decide to start it as early s possible. Like avoiding junk food, or regularly exercising. But somehow you couldn’t do it. Consequently, you end up quitting it with pessimism that you just can’t do it.

One of the most common troubles for youngsters nowadays is to wake up early in the morning. This is doesn’t mean that the young generation is lazy or doesn’t believe in the good habits of leaving bed early. Unfortunately, they are just unable to do so.

With these two examples try to understand that there is something that is holding or pulling back from finishing the task. You have to figure this out first.

Steps to Overcome limiting beliefs

Here are 3 simple steps to overcome the limiting beliefs that have been pulling you back till now. So simple, yet so true!

1. Believe in the positivity inside you

You are the best person in this world who can initiate and bring a change in you. Start believing in yourself first of all. What so ever is the situation only you can change it for yourself. The strength to twist a negative thought into a positive condition is all within you.

The matter is that you believe in yourself or not. Your positive attitude will push you towards working firmly to achieve what seemed impossible.

2. Think about the consequences of your limiting thoughts

I adore this one the most. Imagine if you are unable to continue with your daily exercise regime. As a result, you will become unfit & look unhealthy.

Would you still sit and give yourself the same excuse that I can’t get up early and exercise. Oh no! I am sure you will get boosted up with motivation and start practicing yoga or exercise from the very next day.

3. Change your thoughts about yourself

In order to feel positive about yourself start noticing yourself. You will find out things that you never observed. If you can think positive about yourself, ultimately you will perform better in every area of your life.

Don’t let anything stop you from being as good as you are, not even your own negative thoughts.

How to overcome limiting beliefs?

  • If you have understood what are your limiting beliefs; start working to remove them from the list. Try to feel positive and rejuvenated. Don’t let the negative thoughts or beliefs dominate the positive frame of mind.
  • Don’t overthink or panic with what your limiting beliefs are making you believe in. No negative belief is as powerful as your will power to eliminate it. So simply follow the steps in this article and eliminate the limiting thoughts.
  • Some moments could be frustrating, keep a stronghold over yourself. You can be successful & perform in all the areas of your life with a positive approach.

As you recognize your limiting beliefs and get set to face them, you can see the changes in your behavior. Possibly, you will feel highly motivated and energetic with improving the life that you are going to experience.

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