How Prachi Patwardhan Started Her Own Online Jewellery Business

Prachi Patwardhan began to feel that the balance of her working life has started to skew. After working in the IT industry for ten years, Prachi wants to change up the work style. But her husband who was a business head at Flipkart that time encouraged to start her own online jewellery business as she was frustrated with the daily grind of an IT job.

“I knew I could start a business in the artificial jewellery segment because I had a passion for it and understood customer trends. But I also understood that it wouldn’t be enough. So I spent some time doing market research.”

She then realized that many sellers mostly focused on the accessibility of artificial jewelry and on price. Here Prachi decided to be more focussed on the quality instead of quantity. This results in being a little costlier in the market as compared to the competitors. Moreover, this really favored her company and strategically.

Why Showing Presence Of Online Jewellery Business On Flipkart

By selling her goods at e-commerce places that didn’t require registration, Prachi started her career as an online seller. She also describes her first struggles as a businesswoman in her first days and says: “I had to approach many suppliers to recognize their ability to produce high-quality jewellery since I had to supply my items.

It was boring and time-consuming. Once I’ve sorted it out, it was a challenge to photograph the items, mainly because there were no resources available to hire a photographer.

GirlZfashion is the platform from where more than 85 percent of the profit comes to the company and 75% of it comes from online stores.

Pursuing Growth

The year 2014-2015 was a trial and learning year for Prachi. But the trip was a smooth journey after all. During the Big Billion Days in 2017, GirlZFashion was on a great peak and witnessed a huge profit sale.

Growing Through Consumer Reviews

Customer reviews were mostly prevented. It would not be an exaggeration, indeed, to say that Flipkart’s customer reviews were the main driver of growth.

They have allowed me to discover customer’s preferences and dislikes, their feelings and the need for new product segments. It has helped me to expand my range, create better designs and ensure quality remains unchanged.

What Does A Regular Day Look Like for A First-time Entrepreneur In Online Jewellery Business?

After the children go to school, my work begins with the husband. I take a look at labeling, distribution and handling catalogs. Sometimes even call the clients for reviews, which takes half my working day sometimes.

I take off my company woman’s cape at around the night and go back to the house management business. Supporting my children with his studies and then cooking for the family is always the best part of being a mother and a wife.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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