How Israel’s Iron Dome is Combating Rockets Fired From Gaza- Most Striking View

Amid the ongoing bitterness between Israel and Gaza-based Palestinian group, Hamas. Both sides are bombarding rockets and took to air strikes. But on Tuesday evening, the situation became more salient when hundreds of  Rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas group were obstructed by Israel’s Iron Dome Air Defense system. It seemed that rockets were smacking the covert shield.

Israel’s new and active avant-garde air defense system, Iron Dome has the capacity to prevent drones, missiles, rockets or any other fire attacks, its protective shield is very powerful. Thus Israel’s Defense Forces have succeeded in continuously conquering regular bombardment of rockets.

What exactly is Iron Dome?

Iron dome
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It is a short range, mobile all-weather air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries. “ It is created to intercept and destroy short range rockets, mortars and artery shells. Iron Dome uses high-tech and ultra  interceptor missiles that make Defense forces alert and make any rocket or missile ineffective aimed at Israel’s targets. United States gave financial and technical support to Israel in developing Iron Dome.

How Does Iron Dome Work?

Iron Dome works according to a system of radar to find out whether the incoming rocket or attack is threatening or not. It comprises of three main systems to provide protection to an area where it is installed and handle many dangers at the same time.

  • It has a detection and tracking radar to monitor any incoming threats
  • a battle management and weapon control system
  • A missile firing unit. The information discovered by the system is transferred to steer Tamir interceptor missiles, which are fired vertically from static launch site or mobile units to explode the incomings rockets in the air, that ignites explosions in the sky.

Two main Parts of Air Defense System

Israel Iron dome

Israel’s missile defense systems has two primary parts Firstly The Arrow, which consist of motor-divert capability and a kill vehicle that can change directions. Hence it conquers ballistic missile. And secondly David’s Sling– It works for medium-range rockets and missiles. Thus it shows that Iron Dome can work with both medium and long-range threats suchas rockets, drones, missiles and planes.

Total Costs Involved

Israeli Government has placed the system in cities as ground-based installation system where it looks after short range missiles. According to reports cost of each battery of the dome is approx. $100 million and missiles costs $50,000. One interceptor missile demands investment of less than $80,000 and a rocket less than$1000.

Tenure of Israel’s Iron Dome

Israel Iron Dome

Creation of air defense system traces back to 2006 during second Lebanon War, Hezbollah fired 4,000 rockets in Israel killing and injuring many people and causing them to relocate. Especially the suffering was caused to the country’s largest city ‘Haifa’.

Therefore in 2007 Israel’s defense minister decided to use Iron Dome against the short range rocket threat. Eventually it was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in collaboration with Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Then Iron Dome became fully operational in April, 2011 and intercepted a “BM-21 Grad launched from Gaza for the first time.”Since then it is impeding hundreds of rockets and missiles from Gaza and Syria.


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