The horrible Human Zoos: Shocking and Shameful Black history of Europe.


    Horrible pictures demonstrate how dark and Asian People were ‘showed’ in zoo walled in areas around the World. ‘Human zoos’ intended to stress social contrasts amongst Europeans and individuals esteemed crude.


    Millions went to the stunning fenced-in areas in the mid 20th century both in America and crosswise over Europe. These horrible pictures demonstrate in what capacity called ‘human zoos’ around the world kept ‘crude locals’ in fenced-in areas so Westerners could gawp and scoff at them. The Shocking pictures, some of which were taken as of late as 1958, demonstrate how dark and Asian people were cold-bloodedly regarded as displays that pulled in a large number of tourists.

    Coldhearted shows held over the Western world were intended to underline the social contrast amongst Europeans and people who were regarded crude.


    The horrible industry was also active in Europe. An African young girl has appeared at the 1958 Expo in Brussels, Belgium that highlighted a ‘Congo Village’ with tourists watching her from behind a wooden wall

    Credit: Exposing The Truth

    The human zoos could be found far and wide. In this picture, indigenous people are demonstrated taking part in archery in 1904 in St Louis, Missouri, at an occasion shockingly named the ‘Savage Olympics Exhibition’

    Credit: All That Is Interesting

    A youthful Filipino little girl is imagined sitting on a wooden seat in a walled-in area in Coney Island, New York in another Horrible 1906 ‘show’

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    Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II is pictured meeting Ethiopians standing behind a wooden fence in Hamburg, Germany in 1909

    Credit: Notey

    Most of the people in the exhibits, in the late 19th and ahead of schedule to mid 20th century, were treated like creatures and many died. They included Ota Benga, a Congolese man displayed in New York’s Bronx Zoo in 1906, who was shockingly depicted as a ‘missing connection’ of advancement.

    Credit: Bargain Hunter’s Blog

    The horrible exhibit sparked protest and outrage and Ota was eventually released. But after6 years he sadly took his own life in the wake of being notable absorb into American life