Simmba Review: It Is The Perfect Masala Movie, Ranveer Singh Steals The Show

Simmba Review

Simmba starring Sara Ali Khan and Ranveer Singh release today, and we should admit,  we were quite scared after the back to back flops we’ve seen this year.

After Zero However, Rohit Shetty’s Simmba is doing good on its first day. Simmba is the second in the Singham series, It’s a perfect masala movie that makes masala Bollywood.


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Ranveer Singh, we think, was made for the role of Sangram Bhalerao. His facial expressions. Slurs. His energy. His moves. His self-obsession. And his determined indifference to what passes around him. It had us all fixed to our seats.

He causes it very evident. That he may be a cop, however, he’s in it only for the money. Yet, that variation when tragedy befalls someone he cares about.

simmba review

Sara has a very little role in the movie. However, the chemistry between Sara and Ranveer is something to watch.

Public Movie review:

Why you should watch the film?

For Ranveer Singh, and Ranveer Singh only. From the time we lay our eyes on him, he is a cause to be looked upon with. His dialogue delivery is awesome, along with the presence of a range of emotions that include flavor to the film.

At the end of the movie, Ajay Devgn’s cameo was enough to make audience cheer out loud in the theatres.

And we love the fact that Ranveer Singh is the best protege in the film. Especially the moment when he tells Singham, “ Aap se hi sikha hai” is the moment when he completely nailed his performance.

The movie gets 4 out of 5 stars.

KRK Review:

Watched #Simmba which is based on Nirbhaya rape incident. Ranveer, Sara, Akshay Kumar, and Ajay have done a good job. Director Rohit Shetty is in command. The action is good. Film can become the voice of the women in the country.

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