Facial scrubs are beneficial for all face types. According to the type of skin, scrub should be done for two to four times a week. These scrubs benefit both men and women on the skin in a similar fashion. A good facial scrub removes the dead skin in addition to, making the face clean and quick-fresher and prevents it from being on the skin. Next time, if you are thinking of going to the parlor and having facialized, then why not make some such scrubs at home, which will not only benefit your skin but will not be too heavy on your pocket. With a little practice, you can prepare a great scrub according to the skin from your favorite choice at home. With the help of this article, you can create simple scraps of sugar, olive oil, and honey in your home according to your skin needs.

Wash your face thoroughly:


Wash the face with lukewarm water and clean it with a clean, soft cloth. You can also use a soap or facial gel as per your choice and need

Take Cleansing Cream:


Take a teaspoon cleansing cream on your palm. You can take any cream according to your choice and need but its texture should be good creamy.

Mix Sugar:


Now add two tablespoons of sugar in this cream. Mix the sugar and cream thoroughly with both hands and make a granulated paste.

Instead of using large grain sugar, use small-grained sugar instead. Large donations can cause a scratch on the face.

If you want to keep the scrub for further, then mix both the ingredients together with a cleansing cream and sugar in the ratio mentioned above in a bowl. Now store this mixture in a jar and put it in your bathroom and use it as per your requirement.

Put the scrub on the face:


Now place this prepared scrub in the round direction, turning it on the face. Special attention to wrinkles and marks on face, both sides of the nose.

Avoid scrubbing in your eyes and if you go wrong, wash immediately.

Soak face with warm water:


 Start scrubbing your scrub with this dress. If needed, wet the cloth again.

Wash the face with cold water and complete the final step: Washing the face with cold water for the last time, its floss stops and the face starts to feel fresh. Dry face with clean towels