Here’s How You Can Increase Your Work Productivity!

Are you often stressed because of your workload? Do you work hard but somehow 24 hours are still not enough?

Well, it may be because you lack time management and most importantly have low work productivity.

You don’t have to stress anymore when you can increase your work productivity by adopting simple methods. After all, smart work is better than hard work, right?

Here are some ways by which you can increase your work productivity:

Don’t work continuously for long hours

Office Work
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One of the common mistakes we all make is that we think that the number of hours we work continuously determines our productivity. But on the contrary, scientists have found that taking a short break after 90 minutes of work will not only increase your productivity but will also increase your concentration.

Turn off those notifications

Office Work
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As much as we love to check our phones from time to time, we all know how 2 minutes become 20 minutes. Not only this break our focus but it also wastes our time. So, the next time if you want to get something done in less time, turn off those notifications and resist your urge to checking your phone.

Do not multitask!


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Multitasking is a myth. Don’t believe me? try it yourself. Multitasking requires more concentration and is a waste of your time and energy. Instead, focus on one task at a time for better results.

Do the hard tasks first!

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When in doubt always finish the hard tasks first, as it is going to require the most time and energy which will leave the small tasks which would keep you motivated. You can also try checking off things from a list to stay motivated throughout which will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Avoid meetings!


A lot of our precious time gets wasted in attending pointless meetings with no results. Instead of attending these, try avoiding them. If you have to conduct a meeting, you should conduct a standup meeting which will take less time and will keep everyone focused on the motive.

The 2-minute rule!

2-minute rule
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If you are procrastinating and are avoiding work then do any task that requires 2 minutes or less to be completed. You can also start a task for a few minutes which will eventually signal your brain to quit procrastinating and start working.

Exercise or indulge in physical activity!

Via: The Telegraph
The 5 stretches every office worker should do

Working long hours staring into a computer screen will eventually make you feel tired and sleepy. Instead, indulge in some physical activity before the start of work or take small breaks to do some stretching. You can also take a small walk to change the surroundings and freshen up your brain.

Say no to interruptions


Working on a big project but a colleague keeps stopping by for a friendly chat or someone asking you for another favour? You can face so many interruptions in the office, so it’s high time you learn to say “No”. You can work from home to maximize your productivity.

As you now know all the tricks, you can work smarter to save a lot of your time without stressing about the workload.

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