Here’s All You Need To Know About Lip Plumping!

Out of all the bizarre trends coming and going nowadays, lip Plumping has stayed!

It was popularized by Kylie Jenner and is followed by millions of women out there who even suctioned glasses to their mouth that led to injury only to make their lips look like Kylie’s.

What Is Lip Plumping?

Lip Plumping is a procedure in which we use lip plumper which makes your lip appear more Fuller.

Why Is The World Obsessed With Plumper Lips?

There are a lot of reasons for it. Firstly, people love following trends and want to be more fashionable. Secondly, this trend does not require surgery and can be achieved easily.

The scientific reason behind Fuller lips is that Fuller lips mean that the person is young and healthy. As we grow old, our lips become dry and lose their elasticity. Also, lips are an indicator of many diseases.

Fuller lips are also arousing and are linked with attractiveness.

Ways To Get Fuller Lips:

If you want more Fuller attractive looking lips, then there are a lot of ways to achieve the desired look. You can choose the method that is most suited to you.

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation
Via: WebMD Lip Augmentation: Types, Side Effects, Risks

If you aren’t scared of injections that lip Plumping injection is the long-lasting option.

The filler used is hyaluronic acid which helps in increasing the lip volume and gives shape and structure to your lips. There are other fillers available and you can consult the doctor to know what’s best for your body. This is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure and is easily available. The important thing to keep in mind is to always choose a doctor to do this procedure instead of your regular parlour.

Lip Plumping Gloss

Lip Gloss
Via: Allure The 9 Best Lip-Plumping Glosses to Try Now | Allure

If you want a cheaper method and are not up for injecting fillers, lip Plumping glosses are the best available option. You might feel a bit of irritation after applying them as they contain cinnamon and menthol which make your lips plump. Although it is an effective method don’t use it too frequently as it will make the skin of your lips dry and chip off.

Lining Your Lips 

Overlining Lips
Via: Thrive Causemetics Lip Filler Long Wearing + Plumping Lip Liner™

If you want to make your lips appear more Fuller effortlessly, apply concealer on your lips. Now grab your liner and draw a little bit outside of your natural lip liner. Fill it with a brilliant coloured lip gloss and you are good to go! Use a liner colour that is close to your natural lip colour for an amazing effect without any injections or even irritating gloss. Kylie herself used this trick before getting a lip surgery.

Lip Plumper Devices

Lip Plumping Device
Via: AliExpress

There are a lot of lip Plumping devices available in the markets. The basic idea is to create a suction to make the lips look plumper. Although it has been found that the suction pressure may cause teeth misalignment and might lead you to book a costly orthodontist appointment in the long run!

This trend is still growing even though many doctors have claimed that suction devices and gloss are not safe and even cause permanent damage to the lips!

Are you Daring enough to try this trend?

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