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Here Are Some Feng Shui Symbols And Their Hidden Meanings

If you have been intrigued to know what those decorative feng shui pieces meant then keep reading. Feng Shui is also is known as Chinese Geomancy is an old traditional practice that uses different symbols to attract prosperity., wealth and peace to your home and in your life.

Feng Shui has originated from China which means ‘Wind and Water’. These symbols are believed to attract good luck and prosperity. These symbols cannot be just randomly placed anywhere. They need to place in a specific room and direction to attract the most of what you want.

The position is decided through Feng Shui  Bagua Map.

Let Us Have A Look At The Symbols And Their Meanings

1. Fruits

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Fruits like pomegranate, apple and orange are believed to get fertility, longevity and prosperity to your home. Feng Shui focuses on the colours of these fruits and as they are so vibrant in their colour they attract prosperity for us.

2. Horses

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Horses are the symbol of ‘Speed’. They bring out the message of freedom, fame and success. Horses should be placed in the South and North direction of your house as these two directions are for fame and career according to the Bagua Map.

3. Butterflies


According to Feng Shui butterflies are a symbol of romance and cure of love especially for the ones who are single.

4. Birds



Birds represent freedom as they are born and meant to fly up. They are also a symbol of inspiration and unity. Decorating your wall with a birds picture or poster will bring a positive vibe at your place.

5. Bats

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Bats are considered as an auspicious symbol in Feng Shui. The pronunciation of ‘Bat’ is the same as that of ‘Hook’ which in Chinese means prosperity. Thus the symbol attracts wealth and prosperity to us.

If you always thought what these symbols meant, then now you know.


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