He was born in a working-class family whose father was a driver. At 13, he dropped out school & began making his living on streets. At 14, he turned to a life of selling drugs & stealing cars. By the time he was 16, he was already charged with attempted murder & jailed for assault.

He said: “When I began the life of crime, the voices in my head always told me that I was gonna end up in jail”

Feeling that he had hit rock bottom, he vowed to become a respectable person.

“I was locked up with guys I wanted to be like, but I realized that never wanted to be like them”

Soon thing began to change!

He told his street gang that he was leaving them forever & had some serious fights with his gang over it.

So, he started working hard to make a place in the music industry. But as he grew popular news began spreading about his criminal past and his career seemed to be steering towards certain death.

But that didn’t stop him    

He took a chance once again & gave his all to acting and with his consistent efforts; he made it big with movies like ‘Transformers’ ‘Ted’ & ‘The Italian Job ’. And he finally earned the respect that he had long been waiting for.

Today Mark Wahlberg is one of the greatest actors of the time.

Mark’s Wahlberg story teaches us that- “If you’re lucky enough to get a 2nd chance, Don’t waste it!”