Have Trouble Falling Asleep? Tips To Get A Good Nights Sleep!

We never really realize the value of a good night’s sleep until we can’t fall asleep.
We all have a night when no matter how hard we try, we just can’t switch off our thinking mode and fall into a dreamless sleep.
And the next day, we end up feeling cranky and are in a bad mood.
If this happens more often, it becomes a living nightmare as it affects our health and causes anxiety.

But, this can be avoided to a great extent if you follow these simple tips that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

1. Have a day full of sunshine, and night full of dim light

day full of sunshine
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Expose yourself to the natural light in the daytime as much as you can so that your body recognizes that bright light means to be active and as the night arrives, before going to bed turn off all the lights or sleep in a dimly lit room, so that your body knows it’s time to sleep and the sleep hormone melatonin release.

2. Don’t drink caffeinated drinks before bedtime

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Caffeine makes you alert and active so avoid drinking tea, coffee or drinks containing caffeine before going to bed. Also, if you still can’t sleep avoid a high amount of caffeine consumption in the evening.

3. Take a hot shower

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Taking a hot shower will relax your body and improve the blood flow. If you don’t want to take a shower you can soak your feet in warm water to release the tension and calm yourself down.

4. Don’t use your phone, laptops or electronic devices before sleeping


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Using electronic devices like phones, laptops or watching television will make it tough to sleep as they emit blue light which decreases the release of serotonin, your sleep hormone.

5. Make a sleep routine

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There is a natural rhythm in your body known as circadian rhythm which tells your body when to sleep and wake up. You can make a fixed time to sleep and wake up which will automatically signal your body to release melatonin in those specific hours.

6. Relax your body

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Before sleeping you should relax your body so that your brain knows that it’s time to be less alert. Try reading a book ( not E-book), do some breathing exercises or take a hot shower anything that makes your body relax.

7. Do some physical activity in the day

Exercise in the day or do some heavy physical activities so that you are physically tired and your energy gets utilized. After all, we all know how good of a sleep we get, when we have a tiring day.

8. Don’t drink a lot of water before bed or have a heavy meal

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Drinking a lot of water before bed will lead you to wake up multiple times for using the bathroom. So drink water before 2 hours of sleeping and use the washroom before going to bed. A heavy meal just before sleeping will cause stomach ache and indigestion, so it is not advised.

If the problem continues, consult a professional as it could be a result of a sleeping disorder like insomnia or due to sleep apnea.

Happy sleeping!

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