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This mysterious ‘haunted city’ Floating In The Ocean Leaves

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Thousands of years ago floating on the leaves of the sea, this Mysterious City has been called Hant. So far the city was not discovered but it was revealed by the new technology. The archeologist is also surprised by the mysteries of this city floating in the middle of the ocean from the human population.

Why the mysterious is this floating city …


Nan Madol floats on these leaves near the Micronesia Islands Ponhpei in the Pacific Ocean. Archeologists have explored it completely with the help of new technology. This city is being compared to Atlantis City. In this regard, the archaeologists are questioning who would have been able to live in the sea so far from the civilization, and who would have lived in this city.

Very remote area where it was not possible to go

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Nān Mādol means ‘Between Space’. George Coronis, who searches for it, said that there was something strange on the coast of Pohnpei. There are about 100 small islands which are of the same shape. What does this mean, it’s not clear. According to satellite images, it is in a very remote area where it was not possible to go physically. It is 2500 miles from Las Angeles and 1600 km from Oceania in the Pacific Ocean. Here ancient people of ancient civilization will live in the first and second centuries.

Ghost city


According to Archaeologist Dr. Karen Bellinger, viewing these satellite images is ground level outbound of these islands. It has 25 feet high and 17 feet thick walls. He further said that according to several reports,

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