HappyBirthdayHitman! Lessons To Learn From Rohit Sharma’s Cricketing Journey

If you ask any cricket fan to tell about their favorite opening batsmen in the Indian cricket team. The answer would be ‘Rohit Sharma’. In the past few years, the stellar performances of this player have earned Rohit, many awards.

Rohit Sharma has proved himself in both, as a batsman and as a captain of the Indian cricket team. Because of his excellent performance in Cricket, he has won respect in the hearts of aspiring cricketers.

On his 33rd birthday, you will get to know about some of the inspiring lessons from Rohit Sharma. These lessons have made this batsman great and will continue to ignite others too in achieving a successful career.

So, get ready to receive an inspirational dose from the cricketing legend.

Accept responsibility to move out of your Comfort Zone

Rohit Sharma

When Rohit Sharma was asked the first time to open in Champions Trophy, he prepared himself for the challenge. Also, he introspected and sent positive messages to himself so that he can perform well.

Finally, he opened the match with flying colors. The lesson that we can take is to achieve something higher, never shy away from great responsibility, it is the thing that will earn you success.

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Playing Different Roles In a Career

Rohit Sharma Captain

When Rohit was performing exceedingly well in all formats of the game, selectors were keen on giving Rohit, a chance for captaincy. The reason being, selectors were confident in giving a different role to Rohit.

The lesson learned is that when you perform well in any organization, trust is developed between you and the employer. As a result, you would get a different role. So, accept it confidently and give your best.

Introspect and Upgrade

Rohit Sharma Introspect

When Rohit Sharma came into international cricket, he was finding it very challenging and was not able to deliver performance. But over a period of time, he started introspecting himself and his performance started improving.

Therefore, it is very important to be self-aware, otherwise, you would never be able to make yourself resilient. So, introspect your weaknesses and upgrade yourself.

Remain Calm In Every Situation

Rohit Sharma

During the initial years of the cricketing career of Rohit Sharma, he was giving bad performances consistently. In such a situation, he kept calm and didn’t become frenzied. He worked hard and improved his performance.

So, it is very important to remain calm in every situation. Failures will come but don’t get bogged down by it, instead overcome it with persistence.

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Appreciating Team Members

Rohit Sharma

When Rohit Sharma became captain, he was told by M S Dhoni to appreciate the members of the team. By doing so, Rohit Sharma won the hearts of team members and earned respect from them. The lesson learned is that, when you appreciate team members, your team is ready to support you and give an extra contribution.

If you want pearls of wisdom from Rohit Sharma, do go through the above points. It will surely inspire you to the core!

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