Gullak or Tandav: What To Watch Next

Confused about what to watch next? Satta ki ladai or middle-class family ke struggles, what would you choose to watch? Well, that’s really a tough choice.

On one hand, the cast of Gullak is back with the attempts of living a better life most modestly. On the flip side, the cast of Tandav has tried its best to depict the picture of Indian politics. 

A tough choice indeed. But don’t worry, we have answers to all your questions. Do read to figure out what to watch next.


Gullak: A Package Of All The Emotions

A story of a family living in a small town trying to fulfill their needs while making an effort to live a quality life. Yes, that’s the story of every middle-class Indian. A storyline that consists of feelings of love, care, support, frustration, and at the end of the day content.  blank

The closeness and support of the family which always comes in surprising ways makes this series more touchy. The constant wish for a better living standard makes the men of the family travel some deceitful roads. But they soon realize that the easier the money earned, the higher the cost is.blank

The daily struggles of a middle-class family are very well represented with the impressive acting skills of the whole cast. Gullak is for sure a package of entertainment teaching us important life lessons.


Tandav: Stunning Star Cast But No Story?

When it comes to Political web series, the first thing which pops up in our mind is a combination of thrill and drama. A new political drama where Saif Ali Khan plays the role of an emerging evil leader who can go to heights for his benefit.blank 

Contrarily, Zeeshan portrays the role of a University leader representing a group of scholars taking a stand for rights and equality.

Despite a big star cast and dramatic plot, Tandav failed to impress the audience. The story represents the politics through the eyes of a small kid and could not succeed in drawing the real picture of Indian politics. It could have been better with a solid storyline and deeper dialogues.blank

It seems like the feel and quality are missing from the series. Although it delivers the fact about the image of politicians, clear and good from outside but evil and immoral from inside.

Well, Gullak and Tandav both consist of remarkable acting skills of the star cast. If you are a drama lover then you should watch Saif Ali Khan starring Tandav and if you are in a mood to relax then Gullak would be a good choice for you.

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