What’s Next? Twitteratis Ask Gujarat CM On Renaming Dragon Fruit

Whether you love the Dragon Fruit or not, we are very much sure that Gujarat CM is not happy with it. Reason? It sounds like a fruit of China despite the fact that this honolulu queen does not belong to China.

The Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani decided to change it’s name and even applied for a patent. He thinks the name is unsuitable, Kamalam is best for this fruit as it resembles lotus.

Well, what’s in the name but some users and even leaders could not digest this decision. They called it a political move as Gujarat’s CM hails from BJP.

And since BJP came to power, cities and roads are renamed. It’s time to rename fruits, commented by Kunal Kapaur who is a celebrity chef. Many journalists, comedians, and memers expressed their views via hilarious memes, jokes, and comments.

We bet you don’t want to miss this latest trend #Kamalam. 

Some even dragged Kamala Haris into this and we don’t have to tell you why?

Few users even suggest new names to other fruits and vegetables thinking they are next in the queue:

After roads, cities, and even fruits maybe street foods are in the line too. 

One of a user showed us what Kamalam actually is:

Gujarat CM urges not to give political colors to this decision. Well, the reason he stated to rename the fruit is quite hard to digest so it won’t be wrong to conclude it as a decision to oppose everything that includes or reminds of China.

What do you think about this new name of Dragon Fruit?

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