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Grandmaster Shifuji the founder of Mission Prahar to train 1 core women


At a time women frequent assaults and harassment accidents occurs and the percentage of it has increased in few years. A man belongs from Mumbai namely Mr. shaurya Bhardwaj known as shifuji is helping millions of women in self defense, survival tactics and protection skills.


The grandmaster Shifhuji intrigued about women’s situations in India in term of their protection. For this, he founded Mission Prahar in which the target is to train 1 crore women in self defense. Grandmaster shifulji has learnt Indian Kalaripayattu which is the World’s oldest Martial Arts, Akhara Kushtee in Punjab and Haryana, Shaoline Jung-fu in china and other 69 dedliest Military Martial arts. He also expert in close quarter battle science and applications, killing skills, urban werfare, and gorilla warfare with oldest fighting system. Also he is the best inspirational, motivational, logical speaker.


Mission prahar is founded to provide extreme training to the women because the crimes against women such as harassments, rape, and else are increased in some decades. The government could not make a better strategy to avoid these. Grandmaster shifuji feels, only women can avoid these unwanted activities by protecting own self. Though, Martial art training is not must but the self defense skills, survival and protection skills are most important.


The Mission Prahar does not have intention to do business but the whole attention is to train 1 crore women. The aim is on the way that it has trained about 37Lakh women till the date and it is increasing continuously for years. They find women and train them who belongs colleges, schools, institutes, villages, and other private sectors, across the country.

Not only mission prahar but he organized different platforms such as Missions Meri Mitti, Mission Bhagat Singh Ji, Mission Prachnad Bharat, Missions Bharat Mata, Missions Military Training, Mission revolutionary Pride, Mission smman and Mission Bharat Vishwaguru.