Got Vaccine Still Tested Positive, The Recent Case In US Turned Our Hopes Down

Pfizer vaccine is considered as most effective against covid-19 among rest of the vaccine. And every country is trying to afford this expensive vaccine. Well, wealthy countries like US can afford it but it is really effective?

The new case of covid-19 in California, US has shocked everyone and raised questions on effectiveness of Pfizer. Here’s the full story.

California Nurse Tested Positive After Receiving Vaccination 

Pfizer vaccine
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One of those nurse who received vaccine in California has tested positive within a week of vaccination. His name is Mathew W. and he works in two different local hospitals of California.

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He shared the news on Facebook post on the day when he received the vaccine. He got no side effects and everything was well until Christmas eve.

He got fever, muscle aches, and felt tired. On being tested, he found the report positive.

This is very shocking as developers claimed that vaccine is 95% effective against virus. It has passed all trials and safely landed to UK and US. But, this news is hurting everyone’s hope on Pfizer.

Upon this incident, infectious disease specialist Christian Ramers said that vaccine takes 2 weeks to work effectively and provide protection. Moreover, one dose is not enough for full protection as it offer only 50% protection.

95% effectiveness of Pfizer is expected only when a person has received two doses. So, it was expected said Christian.

But, this recent incident has put our hopes down and forced us think again; Should we trust the vaccine?

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