Got A Heartbreak, Feed Your Ex To Cockroach

Time passes swiftly but after a heartbreak even a day feels like a year. And no matter how hard you try, at the end of day all those memories haunt you and hurts you, isn’t it? We’ve got a unique idea to get over breakup, feed your ex to an animal. Whatttt!!!

No, we ain’t kidding and you must have come up with strange ideas to get out of those painful memories of love but we bet you have not thought of this one.

Texas Zoo’s Unique Remedy For Breakup Recovery

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All you have to do is to participate in the ” Cry Me A Cockroach” event of San Antonio Zoo in Texas. Every year the zoo runs a fundraising event on Valentine day and shares the images on their social media page. It’s fun watching people feeding their ex to zoo animals.

The zoo allows you to name a cockroach or any other prey after your ex and feed it to lion, bird, mammal or reptile of your choice. And if you don’t want to go for carnivorous animals then zoo has herbivore options as well.

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Feed Your Ex-Boo To Snake 

There are gibbons, big cats, rhino, Nile crocodile, birds from the South American rain forest, and more in the zoo. It’s up to visitors whom they want to feed.

However, there is a price to feed the zoo animals which depends on the type of prey. For instance, it’s $5 for a cockroach and $25 for a dead rat. All the preys would be pre-frozen are freshly delivered from the nearby farm.

The zoo has veggie option like romaine lettuce and cabbage for those who want to feed herbivores. The event aims to expand the jaguar habitat in the zoo.

This is not the first time when the zoo is organizing such an event. Same was organized last year as well and the zoo uploaded the videos and images of the event. Soon the event went viral and people taking part into it.

Feed A Reptile & Get Goodies

Apart from San Antonio Zoo, New York’s Bronx Zoo had also organized a similar event allowing people to purchase a critter and feed them to zoo animals.

The zoo asked people to buy from more than 50,000 cockroaches’ species. They also gave certificates and goodies to those making a purchase.

What a thoughtful way to overcome breakup, don’t you agree?


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