Alert People! Google Search causes woman to lose Rs 1 lakh

google scam

Alert people! Google is the most important modern day blessing for society. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, Google is always there with every answer to your questions; it is just a tap away.

We used to rely on every conceivable outcome of our researches on Google, making it extremely easy to identify and view into strange things. We never get the passion to find out that information though.

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Recently, a woman from Seemapuri area which is in East Delhi was seeing for a customer care number on Google, as she suddenly looked at an unexpected monetary transaction through her e-wallet.

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She was seeking for some contact number, through which she can call the certain person. But sadly she went on to call a spam number; where that so-called executive pleaded for her card details and ensured her a complete refund of the former.

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After getting assurance, she gladly transferred all her card details and within some moment she got another notification on her mobile phone, where it described to withdraw one lakh rupees from her bank account.

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Now, it is extremely simple for all of us to google anything and everything. However, we should constantly look at with the official association website before contacting any number entered on google.

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Nowadays these sort of scams has become excessive and very tough to ignore. So, it is better you don’t share your secret information of any kind over the phone.

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Believing that Google displays the correct contact number of banks, people call the scamster instead after searching on Google

So, by the next time be aware and don’t just rely on google to search for bank contact details, only visit official websites for phone contact/number information.