Google requests it doesn’t want to prevent ad blocking in Chrome

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Some developers were disturbed with Google Chrome’s latest changes which probably disabled extensions to block ads in order to raise security.

The changes, called Manifest v3, were offered last year. However, the developer community started to speak against the changes for ad blockers only last month. According to Cnet, Google said that it was revising the plan to reassure the upset developers.

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In a Google Groups post last week, Devlin Cronin, a software engineer on Chrome team, wrote that the company’s goal is not to prevent or break content blocking, adding that Chrome extensions is part of the ecosystem that is aimed at delivering users a customized experience based on their needs.

He further wrote that the team is devoted to defending this ecosystem that includes supporting extensions, accessibility features, consisting of content blockers, developer tools, and so on.

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The changes through Manifest v3 are focused to improve the performance of Chrome increases, along with privacy and security. These changes are in the design process and the company stressed that it is working on ensuring the fundamental use cases including content blockers still work with these changes.