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Google Layoffs: Employees in Cloud Space will Suffer the Most!! See Why?

Google layoffs are impacting its employees in the worst way possible. The company is facing a downfall and is now removing employees from its cloud segment to cut costs. During a recent Google layoff, employees are worried about their future and are asking the administration if their jobs are secure or not.

Google Layoffs Removed 12,000 Employees 

Google layoffs recently cost 12000 employees their job. However, CEO Sundar Pichai takes full responsibility as he promised to look after the welfare of the employees that were removed during the Google layoffs.

Google Layoffs

Various employees also raised their voices against the recession. They said that they were fired randomly without proper investigation and many top performers also suffered the consequences. However, Sundar Pichai denied to these accusations and said nothing happened randomly as “cuts were made in a very structured way. The company conducted rigorous review before the finalization.

Google has recently removed 12,000 people from its workspace in the United States and soon Google’s layoff will affect its workspace around the globe including India. Pichai further said that considering the cut costs, Google will also deduce amounts from annual bonuses of its employees.

Google Layoffs Impact on Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai may also have to suffer the consequence of a salary decrement. Sundar got a major hike in his salary after the company noticed his efforts for the company. Pichai was assigned as CEO of “Alphabet” which is a firm of Google. Google pays around $2 Million to Sundar Pichai annually based on his great performance.

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Google Layoff Cause

Google has made profit even during the covid pandemic. The company specially made a good profit in the year 2021 but the colossus faced losses in the first quarter and second quarters of the year 2022. Due to the loss and upcoming recession period company decided to cut their cost to a significant level. For this, they decided to decrease their workspace as well.

Statistic: Operating income of Google from 4th quarter 2014 to 2nd quarter 2022 (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista

Layoff in Big e-commerce Industry

Empes from the mega tech firms including Amazon, Meta, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter are facing layoffs during the recession period. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google Layoff after he conducted a board meeting. The company is trying to avoid the worst-case scenarios.

Google Layoffs
Trade Brains

Employees from other countries that are staying in the US on H1B visas are worried about their status. They won’t be liable to stay in US if some other company decides to hire them and sponsor their H1B visa.

Employees even shared a letter that conveys the termination of 12,000 employees from the company:

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