Google fined USD 1.69 billion over abusive ad practices in EU


The European Commission has fined search giant Google USD 1.69 billion for purportedly abusive practices in online advertising in the field which damages competitiveness and prevents innovation.

As per the latest technology news, a large fine was broadly expected over abusive AdSense practices. Though, not as high as this, which raises on top of the USD 5 billion and USD 2.4 billion fines hit hard on Google in 2018 and 2017.

Google is accused of protecting himself from competitive pressures through special advertising contracts with publishers. Through its AdSense service, Google has dominated 70 percent of Europe’s market over a 10-year period.

In the meantime, Google has taken effective measures to remove the EU’s concerns. Prior to the announcement of the commission, Google began asking Google users what browsers and search engines would like to use instead of giving Google Chrome and Google Search as default options.

It has also created separate licenses for Google Play, Chrome, and Search, so that phone makers can offer their own options. In the next few months, Google will be further updated to give more visibility to competitors in Europe.