Did Google just pay women higher than men for the same role?


As per the latest technology news, in contradictory to lower wages, Google paid its male employees lesser than female employees for the same designation in the last year.

As per the latest technology updates, in Google’s annual pay equity analysis, it revealed that it paid men less in 2018 compared to women for Level 4 Software Engineer role.

In this job code, men were marked for adjustments as they received less nonmandatory funds than women.

Google added 91 percent of the Googlers in its analysis of the previous year, which is the highest percentage to date. The company provided USD 9.7 million in adjustments to a total of 10,677 Googlers.

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The company highlighted several reasons, which included the large job code of Level 4 and new hire analysis to look for discrepancies in offers to new employees that reported 49 percent of total adjustments, for paying more in adjustments in 2018 compared to 2017.

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