Google denies to ban the controversial Saudi app that allows men to track women


Google has allegedly refused to remove the controversial app called ‘Absher’, which allows men in Saudi Arabia to track and control women’s movements.

After reviewing the app, Google has concluded that it does not oppose any agreements and therefore can remain on the Google Play Store.

According to Business Insider, Google communicated the decision of the office of Representative Jackie Speier, a California Democrat who demanded the removal of the app along with other members of Congress.

In the meantime, Apple is still reviewing the Absher and Rep. Speier told the publication that the feedbacks of both tech giants are ‘deeply unsatisfactory’.

Supported by the Saudi Arabian government, Absher has received strong criticism from the rights group of women for being burdensome in nature. The app is designed primarily to reach e-government services for Saudi citizens.

However, it also allows men to track women or migrant worker and control when they travel, the period and set limitations to their movements through passport data.

Absher is currently available on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.