Google Chrome finally closes drawback that revealed if you used incognito mode

Google chrome

Google Chrome: Incognito modes are present to prevent websites from tracking your browsing behavior. For a long time, there was a security flaw in Google Chrome that surprisingly allowed developers to identify whether you are using incognito mode. However, this is going to change.

9to5 Google says that Google Chrome now wants to fix flaws in the browser. A simple move allowed developers to determine whether the user is in Incognito mode or not.

To deal with the problem, Chrome will now create a virtual file system using the RAM to ensure it’s deleted once you leave the incognito mode. This will close all current methods for detection.

Once this protection is settled, the purpose of Google will be to completely remove the FileSystem API.

Chrome’s incognito identity prevention feature is expected to be introduced in Chrome 74, before being widely roll-out until Chrome 76.