Google celebrates musician Johann Christian Bach with AI-powered doodle


Google celebrated famous German musician Johann Christian Bach with an AI-powered doodle. Designed in partnership with Google Magenta and Google PAIR teams, Doodle, operated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is an interactive experience that encourages Netizens to compose two-dimensional melody of their choice.

With the press of a button located at the bottom right corner, the doodle uses machine learning to cooperate the custom melody into Bach’s signature music style.

Bach was born and his upbringing was in a large musical family in the German city of Eisenach. His father played many musical instruments and worked as the director of city musicians, while his eldest brother was also a musician.

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Known primarily as an extraordinary organist during his lifetime, Bach also understood how to build and repair the complex internal mechanisms of pipe organs, a feature that has been included in an interactive doodle.

The reputation of Bach flew after the 19th century “Bach revival”, as the music world gained a new applaud for his innovative use of four-part harmony, modulations of the key, and mastery of counterpoint and fugue.